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Commercial Fencing Contractors Wakefield

Commercial Fencing & Security Gate Installers in Wakefield

CPR Commercial Fencing supply and install a professional range of fencing & high security gate solutions to the industrial sector throughout Wakefield. Contact us for a FREE site survey.

We have provided services to public and private clients whose goals are to monitor, control and restrict access to their sites in order to protect their assets. State of the art systems, expertly designed and executed by our project management and construction teams, allow owners, designers and contractors to blend aesthetics and effectiveness to create turnkey perimeter security and access control.

High Security

Fences and gates are great for privacy, keeping trespassers and other unwanted guests off your property.
Your choice of fence or gate for your commercial property obviously will depend upon the property itself, your needs for privacy and security versus aesthetics and your budget. At CPR we have a valuable team of design and installation staff to help you make the right choice.

Commercial Fencing

We supply and install a variety of commercial fencing & gates throughout Yorkshire. Our aim is to ensure we maintain high standards of quality in both the supply and installation of our commercial fencing and gates.

Automatic Security Gates

Our aim is to ensure we maintain high standards of quality in both the supply and installation of our commercial fencing and gates, at a competitive and affordable price to all our clients.

Mesh Fencing

CPR Commercial Fencing supply general contractors, and site contractors, developers and community homeowners associations. We have the ability to perform turnkey fencing projects including security perimeter fencing

Our full security fencing and gates include:

Ways to contact us

To discuss the commercial fencing or gates required for your project, drop us a line or send us a message.
We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

If you’re not quite sure what you require, don’t panic – we’ll be happy to offer impartial advice on the best way to proceed with your project. Our multifaceted team ensures that CPR Fencing are a complete one-stop-shop for all your commercial fencing projects in Wakefield.

CPR Commercial Fencing marry a personal approach to project management, with the expertise of a skilled workforce.

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Our most common types of commercial fencing and gates

Palisade Security Fencing

The Palisade family of security fencing is designed to provide a formidable barrier. Its manufacture, combining substantial hot-formed and cold rolled steel sections, assures both strength and rigidity and offers a proven long lifespan.

Mesh Fencing

Mesh Fencing is an extremely reliable security fencing system which is often used to protect industrial sites, schools, sports stadiums, airports and commercial buildings throughout the UK. Read more on types of fencing

Automated Cantilever Sliding Gates

Supply & Installation is both quick and simple, with CPR managing the entire project from start to finish, including design, groundworks and the installation itself. CPR provides a range of sliding gate motors and controls for all applications. Read more on types of gates

Commercial Fencing Contractors Wakefield


Commercial Mesh Fencing

Wire mesh fence has actually been a staple for property owners and businesses alike, for several years. For property owners, wire mesh fence has an affordable advantage over numerous of the other fence products available on the marketplace.

Chain link fence is available in 2 surfaces: galvanized steel and vinyl layered chain link. Galvanized is the conventional silver colored chain link that has been on the market for over 50 years. In recent times producers have actually added a vinyl finishing to the beyond the galvanized core in a range of colors: black, green and brown. These advancements make installing a wire mesh fence around your home much more attractive in look.

Standard heights are 4ft – 6ft and can be found in many different grades and sizes for the framework and material (mesh). Typically the grades are separated into 2 classifications: residential grade and industrial grade

Benefits of our chain link fencing:

  • Aluminized rust defensive material
  • 6” wide by 36” wet soaked concrete footings
  • Wide variety of strength and sizing options
  • Optional PDS strips for privacy
  • Rigid structure built to withstand elements.


Sliding Automated Gates

The sliding gate can be used in applications where swing or other types of gates may not be feasible. Designed to operate in a straight line, it can be used with a variety of gate operators such as hydraulic slide drive along a rail system or a chain driven electro-mechanical operator.

The most widely used type of slide gate is a cantilever gate. It removes the need for tracking along the length of the opening of the gate and is affixed at one end. It uses a series of cantilever rollers to counterbalance the gate as it runs in a straight line suspended over the roadway.

Cantilever gates are ideal for uneven pavement or were obstructions such as ice and snow are present. The cantilever gate also makes an excellent choice when designing a property perimeter fence and controlled access security system.


  • Ease of installation
  • Durability
  • Efficiency
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Increased security
  • Reliable